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The Tribune for Glory

Colosseum - The Tribune For Glory is the first ever inter-classevent

for the commerce classes of Jain College. This will beconducted on the 18th of November.This event consists of two rounds. The first round is divided into 4events where all the classes will have to select the requirednumber of representatives for each event.

In the first event, the entire class will have to

participate in an interactive game of guess the price.

In the second event, two representatives from each class will be

given a topic and they are required to alternately speak for a minute.

The third event will be a business quiz where three

representatives fromeach class will have to participate.

The fourth event is a press conference, where three representatives from

each class will be interviewed by the press, mirroring a real-life scenario.

The classes with best performance in the first round

 will advance to the second round.

The second round will be a clash of words where the classes will have to engage themselves in a healthy debate. Thewinners of this round will be deemed

"The Conquerors of the Colosseum.“

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